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Steamer and lint shaver


With steamery's fashionable steamers from Stockholm, you can gently smooth, refresh and disinfect your bedding, clothing or mask in no time!

The hot steam lifts the textile fiber and smoothes the clothes. The steaming is similar to ventilation. Unpleasant odours disappear. You can steam all kinds of materials (except leather and suede). 

Tip: You must Mask do not always wash cumbersomely at 60 degrees. Please, you can gently clean the mask to the Steamer in just a short time. The hot water vapor kills viruses and bacteria.

Lint shaver

Steamery's Pilo is the perfect lint shaver. It is twice as powerful as other fabric shavers and is gentle on all kinds of fabrics, such as silk, kashmir, merino, alpaca and many more. 

The Pilo has a battery life of 50 minutes and fully recharges within 5 hours. It can be easily charged with a USB cable (included). 
Included is a USB cable, a small cleaning brush and a manual. Attention: an adapter is not included! For example, you can use the adapter of the iphone etc. 
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