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Was ist das besondere an Secken von Silk Couture?

Silk duvets

Silk blankets

Silk duvet

Silk duvets? This sounds unusual for Europeans, when you first think of silk with high-quality clothing. In China, on the other hand, the use of pure mulberry silk as a filling material for duvets has a long tradition. And there are good reasons that will convince you too!

All year round silk blanket Summer silk blanket Winter silk blanket
All-season blankets Summer blankets Winter blankets

What is special about the silk duvet


  • No sweating
  • No freezing
  • Allergy friendly

    You hardly feel the weight of the silk blanket, since the long fibers are evenly distributed. Silk has a heat-insulating effect, keeps you cozy and warm in winter and feels pleasantly cool in summer.

    No freezing
    The long fine mulberry silk fibers adapt perfectly to your body contours - no matter how you move in your sleep. This means that no cavities can form in which the cold air can collect. Women often freeze on the lower back or feet. This is because the blanket does not completely surround the body. Because of their lightness and suppleness, the mulberry silk adapts like a second skin and is so dense that it forms a perfect insulation layer. Your own body temperature is maintained, the ambient temperature is maintained.

    No sweating
    Mulberry silk can absorb 2/3 of its own weight without feeling wet. It shows you the best moisture regulating properties. The blanket is very light and fits the body perfectly. In this way, any moisture can be directly absorbed and released again.

    Allergy friendly
    Silk fibers have a very smooth surface. The individual thread of the mulberry silk is many times thinner than our own hair and can therefore be woven so tightly that dust and individual particles do not stick to it and can be easily removed by simply shaking it out. As a pure protein fiber, the silk is of a very similar nature to our skin. Blankets filled with pure mulberry silk are therefore particularly kind to the skin - ideal for people with sensitive skin and for allergy sufferers! Of course, Silk Couture silk duvets are free of chemical additives.

    Silk is mainly made by hand

    The silk fleeces obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm caterpillar are pulled apart to the desired size in all four directions. Depending on the filling quantity to be achieved, several of these net-like nonwovens are placed one above the other in layers in different directions. As a result, the filling later lies very stable in the casing so that it cannot slip.

    Our blankets

    The mulberry silk duvet is the most popular item among our customers. For most of them, the bedspread made of pure mulberry silk is the entry into their silk dream. Let yourself be inspired! We offer the duvets filled with pure mulberry silk alternatively in two product lines:

    Exclusive: with a cover made of high-quality mulberry silk satin
    Comfort: with a fine cotton cover

    The Exclusive version is ideal for allergy sufferers and has a self-cleaning function. The smooth structure of the silk fibers is dust-repellent, so that the silk satin does not pick up any allergy-causing dust, such as house dust or pollen in spring. The cover is made of 100% long-pile mulberry silk and can therefore be woven so tightly that no body scales or skin salts fall through or even stick. The silk blanket does not pick up any particles. No dirt particles either. The Exclusive blanket can therefore not smell, because the microstructure of the mulberry silk fiber does not allow this. The self-cleaning power of the silk fibers when aired helps to create a "positive sleeping climate" and does not strain the skin.

    The cover of the Comfort silk blanket is made of tightly woven cotton satin. In contrast to silk satin, the cotton satin fabric is somewhat heavier, but also breathable and durable at the same time. The blanket adapts perfectly to the body due to the smooth silk filling.

    In the best case, use a suitable silk duvet cover. Alternatively, you can also use a cover made of fine cotton. Hard, thick bed linen, as well as synthetic materials should be avoided as the positive effect of the lightness and suppleness of the blanket is then impaired.

    The filling of the Comfort and Exclusive silk blankets is the same and varies according to the preferred degree of warmth. Our bestseller is the Exclusive all-season blanket. With regard to the filling quantity - and consequently the volume - choose between the light Silk Couture summer silk blanket, the practical Silk Couture all-season silk blanket and the cozy and warm Silk Couture winter silk blanket.

    The typical approach to choosing the right amount of blanket is usually the temperature in your bedroom. At rather low temperatures up to 15 ° C, a silk density of around 550g / m2 is recommended.This corresponds to around 1500g for the German standard size 135x200cm (winter blanket), at warmer temperatures we recommend a density of 350g / m2 (filling weight of 950g, all-season blanket) or even only 200 g / m2 (filling weight of 540 g, summer blanket). In addition, with silk blankets it is very important what you personally feel for warmth / coldness. Do you tend to freeze often? Are you getting cold quickly? Are you going to sleep with socks and long pants? Then the winter blanket is very suitable for you. Some customers also use the winter blanket all year round - even in summer. The silk blanket made of 100% mulberry silk will not heat you up. It regulates and maintains the skin temperature. It is moisture regulating and breathable.
    If you are unsure which quantity is the most suitable for you, we will be happy to advise you. Write us one Mail or give us a call: 0221-9253702.

    properties Exclusive Comfort
    Breathable X X
    Cuddly X X
    Moisture regulating X X
    Light X X
    Sustainable X X
    Naturally X X
    Allergy friendly Outstanding OK
    Self-cleaning Outstanding OK
    Mulberry silk filling X X
    Mulberry silk cover X
    Cotton cover X
    Washable* X X

    * see care instructions


    Silk Couture Exclusive and Comfort quilts are filled with the best long mulberry silk fibers. The blankets differ significantly from the mass product. Mulberry silk or silk in general are high-quality terms. Therefore, these are unfortunately used again and again to suggest that a product is of high quality. But be careful. Always pay close attention to the composition. The product consists of 100% of the material. Is it silk? Then it's mostly wild silk. And mulberry silk is not the same as mulberry silk.


    Quality criteria Mulberry silk "Silk Couture" Mulberry silk of the mass market Wild silk
    Fiber length 50 cm or longer.
    The longer the silk fibers, the smoother the silk duvet.
    Approx. 30 cm Short
    colour A pearl white color that shines softly. Artificially white. The silk is often bleached. Yellow to brown.
    fineness Very soft and smooth. Even finer than human hair. Feels a bit coarser and harder. Feels coarser and harder.
    odor Subtle sour smell.
    The smell comes from the natural protective substance of the silk cocoon, the sericin, and is gradually lost. Sericin is a soluble protein and has a positive effect on the skin.
    Often smells of chemical solvents that can trigger allergy. Often smells of chemical solvents that can trigger allergy.
    elasticity Very resistant and elastic. Not so elastic. Not so elastic.
    Structure of the filling Silk Couture silk duvets are filled more evenly than inferior silk duvets and are more voluminous. This way, no cold zones can arise. With every movement you are optimally enveloped by the blanket, which warms in winter and looks pleasantly cool in the heat. Cold zones can occur due to the less uniform filling. The structure of the ceiling is uneven. Therefore the quilt is strongly quilted and is not so smooth.


    The German standard sizes are available immediately. We manufacture special sizes according to your personal wishes in our studio.
    The silk blanket comes with a practical storage bag made of cotton for storage at home or on the go.