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About us

We love silk

Silk Couture offers bed goods and Accesoires from 100% of pure Maulbeerseide. We process exclusively the best Maulbeerseide and have made it to ourselves the job to spread our enthusiasm for silk. Since a lot too a few know the specific features of 100% of pure Maulbeerseide.

Behind Silk Couture the company HERTZ Silk Manufacture (HERTZ) is. We act in online trade, single trade and dispatch trade as well as in the wholesale. HERTZ also offers the development of private labels for customers.


Our philosophy: Tradition, exclusivity and lastingness

Tradition: The silk production has a tradition of more than 5000 years in China and is to be looked as a part of the Chinese culture. We are proud to be able to continue this cultural heritage.

 Exclusivity: Silk Couture bed goods are produced exclusively in areas like Jiangsu and Sichuan where since thousands of years the most important silk centres are. For the people silk is there not only a branch of industry, but a part of her life. The ideal ecological conditions lead to the fact that the quality of the silk produced there is one of the best ones of the world.

 Lastingness: Our products are produced with lasting effect in ecological manner which person and environment spares.

Who we are

Uwe Mollidor

Uwe Mollidor Founder & manager

  Laura Mollidor

 Laura MollidorMarketing & order winding up


Unsere Philosophie: Tradition, Exklusivität und Nachhaltigkeit

Wir lieben Seide