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nursing instructions

Care instructions on our silk products

silk face masks

You can steam/damp your face mask. Alternatively, you can wash the mask at 60 degrees in the nursing light program. Best with a detergent for wool/silk.

All other silk products

Silk has a similar protein structure we have our own skin and hair image. She's perfectly natural. Treat her accordingly, too.

What do I have to pay attention before first use?

For transport, our products are packed airtightly. Before first use, we recommend that the ceiling or pillow be ventilated well and shake up repeatedly. It takes two to three hours for the ceiling or pillow to regain its natural abundance.

What is that smell of the fresh silk products?

Don't wonder if you notice a delicately acidic smell on our silk products. That's completely normal! He's from the natural protective substance of the silk cocoon, the sericin. The smell is diminishing with time and eventually loses entirely. Sericin is a soluble protein and has a positive effect on the skin.

How do I clean silk best?

One of the many special features of the silk is its self-cleaning function. Remember and use that ability. The thread is so densely woven that no particles of skin or dust penetrate or remain adhered to. The mulberry silk of silk couture therefore does not take on any smell either. Because of the extremely good moisture-regulating properties, you also don’t feel that the bedding feels clammy or snug.

It is perfect for you to shake up their silk beddings regularly well so that they stay airy and dry. Smaller pollution can be carefully washed out by hand. Alternatively, we can wash our products at 30 degrees. Please note the instructions for use here!

We recommend washing the silk bed linen at 30 degrees with a silk or fine washing agent by hand or in the washing machine in the already process. For the silky gloss to be preserved, give 2 eating spoons of vinegar-eating in the compartment for the soft dishwasher at each washing process.

The silk bed linen should best be only muted. Alternatively, please iron only from the left with low temperature. Please note that the silk bed linen must not be bleached and not dried in the dryer.

How do I keep silk best?

Before a longer storage, you should properly ventilate the silk bedding and make sure they are absolutely dry. Cover and pillows should have enough space in the closet so they won’t be pressed together.

Please note the following information

Treat silk like your skin and hair:

  • protect silk from heat
  • Avoid strong sunlight
  • Avoid strong mechanical load
  • Do not turn silk in water
  • Keep your silk products away from aggressive chemicals
  • Water temperature must not exceed 30°C
  • Look out for the right silk washing agent
  • Do not turn silk in water
  • Soft dishwashers and conventional detergents are off-limits
  • Silk must not be bleached
  • Dry the silk in the lying area so the fibers don't get over. Similar to cashmere.
  • Ironing only at low temperature and only from the left