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Silk pillow

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Product information "silk pillow"

The right pillow is also part of a restful sleep. The Silk Couture silk pillow is ideal for you! It is cuddly soft and yet supportive.

We offer silk pillows in two German standard sizes:

  • 40 x 80 cm

  • 80 x 80 cm

The pillows are also available in the size 50x70cm. Other sizes are possible on request.

Product details:
Filling weight:

  • 40 x 80cm 1000 g

  • 80 x 80cm 2000 g

  • 50 x 70cm 1100 g

Cover: silk satin in stripes natural white made of 100% mulberry silk
Filling: 30% mulberry silk fiber, 70% wild silk fiber

The mulberry silk fibers help to make you feel comfortable and soft, while the wild silk fibers give optimal support due to their coarser structure.
The pillow is also the perfect companion for allergy sufferers. The 100% pure mulberry silk cover is woven so tightly that no dander, body salts, house or pollen can stick or fall through.

High-quality anti-aging products such as those from Kanebo have been relying on the positive effect of silk molecules for years. Your skin lies evenly on a pillow made of mulberry silk and is not pressed. The soft and smooth structure gives the skin a pleasant, even feeling.
In the best case, use a matching silk pillow case, but a cover made of fine cotton is also fine.

Please also note our care instructions.