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Silk pillowcases

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Pillow cover
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The best for your skin - against folds, against hair break, with allergies and Absolutely of course!

The maintaining pillow-case is made out of 100% of pure Maulbeerseide and is in several colours, as well as designs available.

The advantages of a Kisssenbezuges from 100% of pure Maulbeerseide in the overview:

  • Well against folds

  • Goodness against hair break

  • Being in habit - a maintaining effect has pure Maulbeerseide and leaves a gentle skin. Fine little skin particles are used

  • Excellently for allergy sufferers (Deaf to house, animal hair, pollen - then the particle do not stick and thus one can freely breathe)

  • Excellently with skin deseases

The protein structure of the Maulbeerseide is comparable to our skin and hair picture and, hence, something absolutely natural.

Seamstresses the Maulbeerseide process have extremely softy, tender hands. Seamstresses the cotton process rather friable hands have in the comparison.

On grounds of that high-quality cream manufacturers were of use also Maulbeerseidenproteine in their products. There are the pillow-cases in university white (zB 149€ in 40x80cm), natural-white touched, university colour (159€ in 40x80cm) and in the design from 199€.

The discreetly shining silk sateen unites the advantages of the natural material silk with timeless elegant design. They will be surprised how softly itself the pillow-case nestles up against your face.

Silk bedclothes look humidity-compensatory and temperature-compensatory. By these qualities she is suitable for the summer as well as for the winter very well. Also for allergy sufferers our silk bedclothes are to be recommended very much. The extremely smooth structure of the silk fibres causes that the material takes up no house dust or pollen.

Product details

Material: Silk sateen from 100% Maulbeerseide

Locking kind: Hotel fastener


The care of the silk bedclothes is very easy, moreover please you follow our nursing tips.

On account of the made-to-measure item these bedclothes are excluded from the return with "non-fallen".