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Our quality

Silk Couture – our quality promise

The most valuable piece of the kilometre long silk fibres is the middle. Especially when working with this middle part, the highest care is required. We're using this middle piece for Silk Couture right now. Our silk products are significantly different from those of other suppliers with this highest possible quality.

Tradition, sustainability, fair working conditions, good pay and highest quality are fundamental to us. Because of this, we do not work with a large plant that was based on mass but with a small one. Only in this way can we ensure that we redeem our promise. Even though this means that, for example, in summer, when it is too hot, the operation will simply be closed for two weeks without prior notice and then all our processes will get confused. In China, everything is going a little different, but we prefer that. Our clients understand this too. Tradition, sustainability, fair working conditions and the highest quality are worth more than deadlines. Especially in our industry, it is about the positive experience, the special product, and not the urgent good that you need in the second.

100% mulberry silk

We guarantee that our silk is 100% real mulberry silk. Pure mulberry silk means that we work with traditional silk centres and the silkworms are fed exclusively with mulberry leaves. We do not use chemical additives in all manufacturing steps. Silk extraction is done by hand.

Since we can draw on the millennium-old tradition of silk centres, our products are more snugly and softer than conventional mulberry silk products.


The gentlely shiny, pearl white color is significantly different from the artificial white of other manufacturers and while other silk fabrics often smell unpleasantly chemical, our silk has its natural smell. The sericin of silk fibres can smell sourly, but this smell loses after a very short time.

Exclusive silk products

Our products are made exclusively in traditional silk centres in provinces such as Jiangsu and Sichuan. The mulberry plantations there grow under ideal ecological conditions, which contributes to the highest possible quality of silk products.


Production is done by hand. This starts with feeding the caterpillars. The further processing of cocoons up to the form of silk fleece is also handwork. This care enables us to guarantee the highest quality.

silk threads

Responsible for the suppleness of our silk products is the length of silk fibers where there are no hard fiber ends that could lead to skin irritation. For our silk we use the particularly valuable silk in the middle of the kilometre long thread.


By optimum folding of the silk fleece used for our silk bed blankets, the silk can fully unfold its temperature-balancing skills. Our products envelop you perfectly while sleeping and are also pleasantly breathable.


Sustainable silk production

Our product is produced sustainablely in an ecological way. Humans and the environment are spared. In our opinion, it is crucial for a natural product such as silk to consider the good of nature in every stage of production. We love silk for their purity and want to preserve it in every fiber.


Our naturally friendly production is spared not only the people who work with silk and mulberry trees every day, but also of course our customers who let their skin spoil from our soft silk products.


By making it so much care to use natural substances in the individual production steps, from fertilization of trees to washing of fibers, the finished silk ceilings are also completely ecologically and environmentally friendly. You can be completely composted when you are disposed of.


By renounced artificial fertilization and spraying agents, we spare the soil of the plantations and the insects that live there. We are very important in equilibrium with nature.


No chemical influence is occurring on the mulberry tree plantations. The silk spinnerworms feed exclusively on the leaves of these trees and the quality of their food base is crucial.


The long, smooth mulberry silk threads that Silk Couture works with are 50cm or longer. This makes our blankets and linen so specially snuggle. They are therefore also much more resistant and elastic than silk products from other manufacturers. We also do not have any chemical influence.


Common silk matter has a thickness of 12 Momme (1 Momme = 4.3g/m2). This fabric is light and thin, but not so stable. That's why we use silk in 16 momme for silk couture. The fabric is still feather-light, but much more resistant.

Silk couture silk bed blankets are filled with the best long mulberry silk fibers. The ceilings are significantly different from the mass product.
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