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Why Silk

Silk-a multi-talent

Silky skin

Silk makes your skin supple. The sericin, a component of the silk, is a protein that consists of hydrophilic amino acid chains. It not only absorpts wonderfully moisture, it is also extremely skin-friendly. Sericin and also Fibroin, both components of the silk, are also used in anti-aging cosmetics.

Skin care in sleep with silk proteins

In the anti-aging cosmetics, both sericin and fibroin, the proteins from which silk is built, are used. Both proteins are very similar in your structure of human skin. As a result, they are so compatible and, of course, completely natural.
When you sleep at night with a silk pillow, silk bed linen or a silk blanket, you come in contact with the soothing proteins in your sleep. Over the course of time, the sericin dissolves from the silk product and acts on your skin. Silk therefore not only feels supple on the skin, but also makes your skin supple by constant contact.

Unprecedented zart

Silk is a natural fibre and the silk proteins have a similar structure to our skin. This peculiarity makes them so skin-compatible. As a result of the exceptionally long threads, no scratching ends are created. A property that remains unmatched by other substances. Even in sensitive skin, silk blankets feel pleasant.

Pure calming

Silk gives you an ousted sleep. The amino acids of the mule silk have a calming effect on the nervous system, especially in the sleep phase. One speaks of the so-called sleep factor. The deep relaxation takes place at microbiological level. In traditional Chinese medicine, silk still has a high therapeutic value.

Natural air conditioning

Silk is breathable and can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without it feeling wet. Excess heat is dissipated by the capillary system of the silk fleece. This makes silk feel chilly in the summer and you sweat less.

Allergiker suitable

The smooth structure of the silk fibers acts as a particle repellent-perfect for allergy sufferers. Neither pollen dust, nor house dust, nor animal hairs stick to the fine silk. Silk also has natural repellant substances, which keep mites, fungi and bacteria away. You can sleep calmly.

Health benefits

Silk has a temperature-balancing effect: pleasantly cool in the summer, warm in winter. There are no cold zones or cold draughts. They prevent back pain and colds. By the restful sleep, you have more energy during the day.

Life-section endangered

Silk has a long life span of approx. 10 years. The investment in a silk ceiling is worthwhile. The self-cleaning ability of the natural fibres guarantees that your ceiling will remain hygienic and will not lose its quality.


Unsurpassed easily

Silk blankets are pleasantly light and keep warm at low temperatures. Thanks to the exceptional structure of the silk, you do not need a thick blanket in winter and thus retain the feeling of lightness. They sleep like on clouds.

Temperature balancing

Seide helps with complaints during the menopause

During normal sweating as well as in the menopause, sleep is interrupted by the unpleasant temperatures. You often wake up and change the position of the ceiling to control the temperature itself. The consequence of these interruptions is that the next morning is not as ousted as it would be in the case of an undisturbed sleep. The day is started immediately with a lower energy level.

Especially for women in the menopause the temperature equalization of the silk bed goods is important. The short hot flushes are usually followed by strong frosts. Here, it is a great relief to be able to rely on a blanket that balances these temperatures themselves.