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Pleasant summer silk corner Exclusive

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The silk bed covers in the summer version are available in two versions.

Exclusive: soft, creamy and light cover made of pure silk satin

Comfort: soft, fine cover made of 100% cotton satin.

In both versions, the fillings consist of the extra long winter silk fibers, which perfectly cover the body, like a second skin.


Product information "Pleasant Summer Silk Deck Exclusive"

The Silk Couture silk bed cover in the summer version is recommended for the warm summer days of the year. In addition, customers choose this blanket if you tend to sweat and you are warm fast. Whether it's winter or summer. The choice of the "heat level" has to do not only with the temperatures, but also with the feeling of heat.

The silk density of approx 200g/m2 is identical with the exclusive, as well as comfort version. For the standard German size of 135x200cm this corresponds to a filling weight of approximately 540 grams. The year-round ceiling in the standard size has a full weight of 950 grams and the winter roof of 1500 grams.

In the filling we process the extra long muzzle silk fibers in both versions, which can perfectly adapt to any movement of the body contour.

Both the filling and the cover regulate temperature and humidity. At the same time, the ceiling is incomparably light and creamy. Despite its lightness, one feels nicely cuddled underneath. A dream of a blanket!

The Exclusive Silk Cover is slightly better suited for allergy sufferers and also has a self-cleaning function.


  • Filling: Long silk fibers

  • Silk density: approx. 200 g/m2

  • Exclusive reference: Silk satin from 100% Maulbeside

  • Comfort: Cotton satin

  • Suitable for room temperature above 20 degrees

The maintenance of the Silk Couture silk cover requires little effort. Please see our instructions for care.

Ideally, use a silk bed linen cover. However, you can also make a cover out of fine cotton. Hard, hard linen, as well as synthetic materials should be better avoided. The positive effect of the lightness and reflectivity of the silk cover would be reduced.