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Face masks silk / silk

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Mulberry silk face mask

Face masks are more present than ever. Many feel oppressed by it, have difficulty breathing or do not find it beautiful. We want to change that with our mulberry silk masks!

Mulberry silk cares for the skin, does not dry it out, does not scratch, feels soft, hugs and you can breathe well. The mask is light and you have no oppressive feeling.

Mulberry silk is good against wrinkles, does not remove moisture from the skin and is also ideal for allergy sufferers, because mulberry silk is woven so tightly that no particles can fall through. The surface is also so smooth that no particles, pollen or animal hair stick to it.


The masks can be steamed or washed at 60 degrees in the easy-care program with detergent for wool / silk. To get the shine, fill a tablespoon of vinegar essence into the fabric softener compartment.

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