Silk bedclothes Blue

Silk bedclothes Blue

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Product information "Seidenbettwäsche Blue"

The silk bedclothes are made with silk sateen from 100% Maulbeerseide which under all silk kinds the best quality promises. It is tender, smooth and is also very stable at the same time. And you will be surprised how softly itself these bedclothes nestle up.

Silk looks humidity-compensatory and temperature-compensatory. By these qualities she is suitable for the summer as well as for the winter very well. Because the bedclothes are so affectionate, this quality still works much better than all other natural-material.

Also for allergy sufferers our silk bedclothes are to be recommended very much. The äuflerst smooth structure of the silk fibres causes that the material takes up no house dust or pollen. The quilt covers are cut especially on our Silk Couture silk covers, however, can be used of course also for every cover. So that your silk blanket does not slip in the silk relation, this is provided inside with the connection cuff which you can connect with the loops on the corners of your silk cover. Thus an optimum seat of the silk cover is guaranteed in the relation.

Product details:

  • Material: Silk sateen from 100% Maulbeerseide

  • Locking kind: Zipper

The care of the silk bedclothes is very easy, moreover please you follow our nursing tips.

On account of the made-to-measure item these bedclothes are excluded from the return with "non-fallen".