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Silk Bedding, Wine

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Pillow cover
duvet cover

Product Information "Silk Bedding Wine"

The Silk Bedding is made with silk satin from 100% mulberry silk, which promises the best quality among all types of silk. It is delicate, smooth and at the same time very stable. And you will be surprised how gently this bedclothes nestles.

Silk has a moisture and temperature balancing. Due to these properties, it is ideal for both summer and Winter. Since the bed linen is so cuddly, this property works much better than any other natural material.

Our Silk Bedding is also highly recommended for allergy sufferers. The extremely smooth structure of the silk fibres means that the fabric does not absorb house dust or pollen. The duvet covers are specially tailored to our silk Couture silk blankets, but can of course also be used for any blanket. So that your silk bedspread does not slip in the silk cover, this is provided inside with fastening cuffs, which you connect with the loops at the corners of your silk blanket can. This ensures an optimal fit of the silk blanket in the cover.

Product details:

  • Fabric: silk satin made of 100% mulberry silk

  • Closure Type: Zipper

The care of the Silk Bedding is very simple, please refer to our care instructions.

Due to the custom-made design, this bed linen is excluded from the return at "not-fallen".